directed by cynthia arra and melissa arra

Associations & groups

Act-Up Paris
Association de lutte contre le sida

Association Beaumont Continental

Association Nationale Transgenre (anciennement nommée Trans Aide)

Association transgenre Côte d’Azur

Action de santé communautaire avec les personnes prostituées

C’est pas mon genre !
Groupe Trans Lillois à destination des personnes trans au sens large …

Association trans’ lyonnaise

Association Entraide Transgenres Tours

GAT (Groupe Activiste Trans’)
Auto-dissolution du groupe en 2006

Organisation internationale des intersexuéEs

Association mixte FtM, MtF, Ft*, Mt*, issue de la communauté FtM. Elle a été fondée en avril 2009 par des trans, pour les trans.

Mutatis Mutandis
Association trans’ bordelaise

Sans Contrefaçon
Association trans’ marseillaise

Trans 3.0Association trans’ bordelaise

About Binding Words

Directed by Cynthia Arra & Mélissa Arra
Documentary / 2007 / France / 75’ / 4:3

The film aims to give Trans’ people whose quest for gender identity is fettered by established norms a chance to voice their tribulation. Their means of resistance consist of searching for tools of knowledge, for corporealities, sexualities and alternative identities to those of the conventional schemas. Far from the usual treatment of Trans issues, this film, through the choice of its portrait subjects – all contemporary actors and precursors of the Trans’and Intersex movement in France – addresses the gender identity issues head-on by questioning our often unchallenged societal norms and analyzing the nature of the oppression and repression faced by the Trans’ and Intersex community.

With Maud-Yeuse Thomas, Tom Reucher, Vincent Avrons, Vincent He-Say, Carine Boeuf and Vincent Guillot.

directors Cynthia Arra & Mélissa Arra
self-produced Cynthia Arra & Mélissa Arra
camera operators Cynthia Arra & Mélissa Arra
editing Cynthia Arra, Mélissa Arra & Justine Triet
music during crédits “Manifeste”, original soundtrack of the film “Exils” (Exiles) by Tony Gatlif
mix Christophe Doucet-Mimoun
color grading Sydney Teggbo & Sandra Sauron – toggle productions
english subtitles Paul Belle, Steve Arra & Marie-Hélène Bourcier
trailer Clémentine March
website Vincent He-Say

support for festival screening Digital Beta or DVD in French or in French with English subtitles